Monday, January 4, 2010


Much like Menopause, losing wait is full of tears, erratic eating, and hot flashes (I witnessed menopause first hand as a child with my mom, she had me when she was 42. I got out of that factory just before they closed up shop!). It is still crazy to think that a year ago I weighed 100 more pounds than I do today, that is like 5 Olsen Twins! My friend Laura asked me to write about “the change” in my life. So here it goes.

Before you ask if there is a special secret or if I had surgery, the answer is no! IT SUCKED AND WAS HARD WORK! Sorry about it folks, no magic answer here. There was no magic Grapefruit, flax seed, and unicorn horn diet and I am to poor to afford elective surgery.

The Second caveat I make is that you have to do this for you. I have always been happy with the way I look. I didn’t really care about being skinny. Personally, I know if I lose too much weight my giant head will look awkward on my body. I had a couple of motivators. First, I loved my life. I loved my family and friends and I was actively choosing to cut my time on this earth short. Second, I was tired of being a hypocrite with my students. I preached to all my Greek student that we took an oath to live the values of our organizations. SigEp promotes the values “Sound Mind and Sound Body.” How could I tell someone to live their values, when I was actively choosing not live the values of my organization? Fourth, airplane rides were hell and I travel a lot (NO JOKE. The day I could put a tray table down, I wanted to cry!). Lastly, I am going bald. I can handle being bald and I can handle being fat. I couldn’t handle both at the same time.

Finally, this is what worked for me. I am not saying it is going to work for you and you talk to a doctor if you are going lose significant weight. Your body could freak out if you are not careful.

My Journey began in February of 2009. With this guy:

I was over 350 pounds of fun! I was still rockin the sweater vest and tie, but I couldn't walk up a flight of steps. That is where I leave it for today.


  1. Woo Adam! I'm thirsty for more! Sofar I agree wholeheartedly. Happy? check. Was wasting my life? check. This is hard? check, but not as hard as I thought it would be. I still have a long way to go, but for me going back to before is not even an option, not a possibility. Can't wait to read the rest.

  2. So proud of you! I also think you look a lot younger now!

    And when I was pregnant and 70 lbs. over my normal weight, my head looked too small for my body...

  3. Adam-

    Thanks for the motivation to blog about my experiences of going through weight loss. Seeing you and Derrick both go through such an amazing transformation has motivated me to get off my butt and get to the gym! Seriously though, I want to get back into "convention shape" as Jessica and I were calling it, and I just wanted to say kudos for the hard work!